渕荒横彫 楕円深鉢 大 / Oval Bowl "Fuchi Ara Yoko Bori" L-size Shigaraki-ware

■サイズ:縦約178 x 横約218 x 高さ約65mm





■178 x 218 x 65 height(mm)
Because most of articles we sell in this shopping site are handmade by artist, this measurement is approximate dimension. Please understand that each item’s size we would send you is not the exact same as we show it on this page.
■Not available for Dishwasher

An oval bowl is user-friendly ware that you can use this every meal you prepare. This large size bowl can be used for wide variety dishes such as a spaghetti and meatballs, Green salad, Beef stew, Fried rice and Chicken noodle soup. You can enjoy using this bowl and decorating on your dining table for each meal with your loved ones.

This “Fuchi Ara Yoko Bori” produce red-brown color with engraves on the inside of the top edge and the outside of the entire body is the best design style by Furutani Pottery which gives you a real pottery image.

This is very useful and make your dining table affluent.

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